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Innovation contact center

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Contact center

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Our contact center (СС) has a geographical distributed structure

  • 9 geographically separated sites
  • 1500 agent
  • cloud technology
  • Tier III certified data center

Each site has all the necessary life support systems:

  • power redundancy
  • reliable network architecture
  • reliable data transmission channels
  • online monitoring
  • technical support (24×7)
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Thanks to voice technology, our contact center can handle

- up to 500 000 calls a day for incoming calls
- up to 5 000 calls per second for outbound calls


Online monitoring system of KPI

Chat bot system

Work force optimization

Predictive dialer

Speech analytics

Two-channel audio recording and screen recording system

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Competence of contact center

On the base of its own innovation contact center, Voice Communication provides
a full cycle services (recruitment, training, quality control, programming, technical support, analytics)


Automatic multi-level voice menu system with the ability to speech recognize and call routing, including voice self-service

Marketing research and polls

Questioning, conducting surveys (including expert interviews), updating databases


24-hour technical support of users

Incoming / Outbound calls

Receiving and sending SMS/emails


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Contact With Us


Moscow, Novodanilovskaya Naberezhnaya 6, building 1